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Tips for Organizing Your Master Bedroom

Do you keep your master bedroom as neat and tidy as the more public areas in your home? For many homeowners, the answer is no. It isn’t that we strive to have messy bedrooms, of course. The problem is that in many homes, the master bedroom becomes the catch-all for all types of storage, including items that really shouldn’t be stored in this area. Unfolded laundry gets dumped on the bed, children’s outgrown clothing might be boxed up and placed in the walk-in closet, spare linens might get stuffed into the master bathroom linen closet, and so on. And don’t forget about hurriedly shoving homeless items into the master bedroom when last-minute visitors are on their way over!

Getting your master bedroom organized doesn’t have to be an enormous chore. There are small steps you can take to keep random items out of this room and also make it into the haven you (and your spouse or partner, if applicable) deserve. Read on for our best tips and tricks.

Understand the Benefits of an Organized Master Bedroom

As with so many things, it’s hard to have success in this area without determining your “why.” Why do you want to have a more organized master bedroom? Some obvious reasons might be that you want to be able to find things more easily or you want to be able to keep the door open when company comes to visit.

You might not know this, but many people sleep more soundly in a neat and tidy room. When the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning is a mess, this can cause stress. Having a calm, clean place to retreat to at the end of the day or when you are feeling overwhelmed can make you feel more relaxed. 

Another reason for having a better organized master bedroom is that it’s hard to keep clutter dust-free. If you have allergies, dust and animal dander might be making it hard for you to breathe easily in your bedroom. Keeping the room clean and removing the dust can help, and that begins with getting the clutter out of there.

Colorful Master Bedroom

Find Homes for Items in the Rest of the House

If you are struggling with disorganization in other areas of the home, it’s no wonder that you’ll also have clutter in your master bedroom. Items from other rooms tend to migrate into this area. One example is the previously mentioned laundry: If you don’t have a good system in your laundry room for folding clothes, it’s likely that baskets of clean laundry are making their way into your bedroom. Children might have items that they don’t know what to do with; those can also end up in your room. Most people also have various random items without homes that might get stashed on top of a dresser or in a closet. It’s very easy for the master bedroom to become a dumping ground for these types of items.

Establishing some storage systems in other areas of the house can help. For example, put a table in the laundry room so you have a place to fold clothes as soon as they are out of the dryer. Your custom closet professional can install a table that folds down from the wall or even build you a complete custom laundry room.

Finding other places for these “homeless” items in other areas of the house will help. Consider that if you don’t have a home for something and you don’t use it regularly, it might be time to let it go. Try boxing up some of these belongings and see if you really miss them. If a few months pass and you don’t need them, donate them without guilt.

Consider Eliminating Dressers in the Main Part of the Bedroom

Dressers can take up a lot of space in the master bedroom. Consider whether you really need them in yours. Do you have a lot of clothes that you need to fold, or can you hang much of what you have in your drawers? You might be able to have drawers installed in your walk-in closet, eliminating the need for one or both dressers. Having an extra hanging rod installed can open up more room for hanging clothes. Think about the options available and talk to your custom closet professional about what makes sense for your bedroom. Also, check out Brian Holland’s article, Folding vs Hanging Clothes in a Closet, recently published on Impeccable Closets. You might be surprised by what should be folded and what should be hung.

Once you get your dresser or dressers out of your bedroom, more space will open up, which could be used for just about anything. One of our suggestions is to create a sitting area in this area.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Creating a Sitting Area

Now, you know yourself. Would you be likely to keep a sitting area free for sitting, or would you tend to pile items on a loveseat or a pair of chairs? If you lean toward the former, then consider putting a sitting area in your master bedroom. 

Having this type of relaxation space in your bedroom will be even more inspiration to keep it clean and clutter-free. You won’t want to sit and relax with a glass of wine or a cup of tea if the room is unkempt and disorganized. Instead, you’ll begin to see it as your place to go when you need some quiet time. If you don’t prefer to have a television in the bedroom, consider setting up a bookcase or even just a basket of books, a reading lamp, and a place to put down your cup or mug. 

Get Professional Help With Your Closet

If you’re having trouble getting your master bedroom under control, a professionally designed and installed custom closet can help. This will increase the space available for storage, allowing you to move items out of the main part of the bedroom and behind closed doors. 

Klutter Killerz is your one-stop resource for all things organization in Tennessee. Give us a call to schedule a free in-home consultation and we will create a design that will work for your walk-in closet, laundry room, kitchen pantry, children’s closets, or any other area of your home. 

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