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Slatwall Garage Organizer System

Six Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage With a Slatwall Storage System

Are you tired of your garage looking like a haphazard storage unit? It’s tough finding room for all of your garage clutter without a plan in place. Get creative and maximize your new Slatwall storage system so it does most of the legwork for you.

Manage your garage storage with a Slatwall system by following these six tips:

  • Keep a flexible collection of various hooks on hand
  • Protect your sporting equipment in activity organizers
  • Secure bicycles above ground on bike hooks
  • Put small hardware pieces away in tilt-out storage bins
  • Mix and match baskets to store cleaning supplies within reach
  • Establish and label themed zones for your outdoor activities and hobbies

In this article, you’ll grasp six strategies to maximize your garage space with a new Slatwall system.

Keep a Flexible Collection of Hooks

Tool Hooks Slatwall Accessories

Take advantage of Slatwall’s versatility and invest in different types of hooks. Memphis Garage & Closets recommends grouping similar tools and accessories together beforehand. Doing so will help determine how much space you’ll use when arranging your equipment.

Use Activity Organizers for Sporting Equipment

Sports Equipment Holder Slatwall Accessory

After a long day of physical activity, it’s easy to dump your golf bag or sports duffel on the garage floor. Slatwall lets you install activity organizers that put everything away for you.

Activity organizers come with assorted hooks and baskets to hold your equipment. You can find activity organizers for golf, fishing, tennis, and skiing.

Pro-Tip: Research "[sport/activity] + Slatwall" to find specific accessories for your interests. 

Secure Your Bicycles with Bike Hooks

Bicycle Holder Slatwall Accessory

If you have a few extra wheels in your garage, bike hooks should be next to grab on your list of Slatwall accessories. Storing your bike above the ground keeps your vehicles free from potential damage.

Vertical or horizontal hooks change how much Slatwall space a bike will use. Look into which one will work for your garage.

Stow Small Hardware in Tilt-Out Storage Bins

Tilt Bin Slatwall Accessory

Do you start home improvement projects in your garage? Despite how careful you are, it’s not uncommon to spot a nail or screw hanging out on your garage floor. Hang tilt-out storage bins on your Slatwall for displaceable nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

Mix and Match Baskets

Basket Slatwall Accessory

You can find Slatwall baskets in different sizes and materials including wire and mesh. Choose the size and material based on your garage layout. Use these baskets to hold hazardous cleaning tools or disinfectants you want to keep out of reach.

Establish Themed Areas for Outdoor Activities

Busy families typically have a few hobbies on the weekly schedule. Stashing everyone’s gear in one place can get confusing, so plan your Slatwall system out in advance.

Label themed areas for pastimes like sports, lawn care maintenance, and gardening. You may want to set up themed areas for other activities where you need to keep track of equipment. Use clear label tape for mess-free removal if, later on, you decide to shift items around.


A Slatwall storage system can free your garage of clutter overnight. No matter what size system you install, your garage will adapt to your lifestyle for years to come.

Have at least three different types of hooks on hand for quick additions to your Slatwall. Use activity organizers to tidy up hefty (and expensive) athletic gear. Secure equipment, like mountain bikes, above ground with specially-designed hooks.

Devote specific locations to your cleaning supplies and small hardware. Keep nuts and bolts packed away in tilt-out storage bins near your power tools. Paper towels, disinfectants, and mild surface cleaners can live in Slatwall baskets.

Remember to set up themed spaces for your recreational hobbies. You’ll never again question where you last stored your son’s soccer cleats!


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