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11 Design Ideas for a Zen Home Office

Is your home office getting the job done? Working from home has many perks, but it also comes with challenges. Distractions drain your energy, focus, and productivity.  To be successful working from home, you want to avoid interruptions and chaos. Your home office needs to be comfortable and welcoming to spend your time and do your work efficiently. Many people find creating a home… View More


Stock Up on These Seven Home Organization Essentials This Winter

Wintertime is the perfect season to organize, de-clutter, and revamp your space. Not only are you spending a lot more time indoors due to the frigid weather, but you probably have a lot of new items taking up precious space in your home thanks to holiday gifts and winter apparel. Not only that, but cleaning and organizing your household in the winter can boost your mood and drastically decreases the threat of germs and bacteria, such… View More


Six Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage With a Slatwall Storage System

Are you tired of your garage looking like a haphazard storage unit? It’s tough finding room for all of your garage clutter without a plan in place. Get creative and maximize your new Slatwall storage system so it does most of the legwork for you. Manage your garage storage with a Slatwall system by following these six… View More


Nine Accessories to Makeover Your Custom Closets

Your closets can be pretty lackluster. Not only can it be difficult to find your smaller items, such as shoes and jewelry, but it can also be difficult to keep your closets organized on a daily basis.Whether you have a cavernous custom walk-in closet or a tiny reach-in closet, there are many ways to organize those specific spaces. Best of all, there are many accessories that can enhance your custom closet’s functionality,… View More


Modular Vs. Epoxy: Which Type of Garage Flooring is Easier to Maintain?

Choosing the right type of garage flooring is a huge investment of money and time and as such, it should not be done in a hurry. There are a lot of options available when it comes to garage floors and while making a choice may come naturally for some, it may be a daunting task for others. The two main types of garage… View More