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Nine Accessories to Makeover Your Custom Closets

Your closets can be pretty lackluster. Not only can it be difficult to find your smaller items, such as shoes and jewelry, but it can also be difficult to keep your closets organized on a daily basis.Whether you have a cavernous custom walk-in closet or a tiny reach-in closet, there are many ways to organize those specific spaces.

Best of all, there are many accessories that can enhance your custom closet’s functionality, including:

  • Shoe Racks
  • Tie Racks
  • Belt Racks
  • Jewelry Drawers
  • Built-In Hampers
  • Fold-Out Ironing Boards
  • Storage Boxes
  • Drawers for Accessories
  • Sliding Baskets and Bins

Let’s take a closer look at each of these nine custom closet accessories to see which ones are right for you.

1. Shoe Racks

Custom Closet Shoe Rack Accessory

You may have a lot of shoes and nowhere to put them. From loafers or heels for work to sneakers for the gym, all of those shoes can take up a lot of space in your closet.

A shoe rack can effortlessly hold all of your shoes and keep them off the ground. Not only does a shoe rack protect your shoes, but it also allows you to easily find them when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Custom Closets of Houston goes into further detail regarding the difference between walk-in closets and reach-in closets and the different items and accessories that can be stored in each type of system in Walk-In Closets Vs. Reach-In Closets:The Benefits & Drawbacks of Both.

2. Tie Racks

Custom Closet Tie Rack Accessory

Are you guilty of keeping your neckties balled up in a drawer? This can lead to major wrinkles and even damage. By installing a tie rack in your closet, you can avoid wrinkled ties and have them easily accessible to quickly get ready for your workday or special event.

3. Belt Racks

Custom Closet Belt Rack Accessory

Similar to ties, belts can slip onto the floor or get lost in dresser drawers. Avoid the hassle and headache of trying to find them by keeping them corralled with a custom belt rack.

4. Jewelry Drawers

Custom Closet Jewelry Drawer Accessory

Everything should have its own home in your custom closet, including your beloved jewelry. Whether it’s your wedding ring, an antique family necklace, or diamond earrings, you want to ensure that all of your jewelry is protected for safekeeping.

A jewelry organizer can protect your precious jewelry from moisture and rust, as well as keep it dust- and tangle-free.

5. Built-In Hampers

Custom Closet Hamper Accessory

Washing and folding dirty laundry can be tedious enough. But throw in trying to collect all of your soiled clothing and linens from the floors or corners of your closet can be downright dreadful. A built-in hamper gives you a place to store all of your dirty laundry until it’s ready to be washed. You’ll never have to worry about stepping on dirty shirts strewn across your closet floors ever again.

6. Fold-Out Ironing Boards

Custom Closet Ironing Board Accessory

Whether you’re ironing sheets or want to get all of the wrinkles out of your favorite shirt or dress, a fold-out ironing board is essential for any custom closet. It’s located right near your clothing and can be easily folded up and into the wall when not in use.

7. Storage Boxes

Custom Closet Storage Box Accessory

Storage boxes make a handy accessory for any custom closet system. They will keep your items safe and sound while not in use and introduce an ideal place to store your smaller items. 

8. Drawers for Accessories

Custom Closet Accessory Drawers

Do you have piles of sunglasses, handbags, and other accessories crammed into a corner of your closet? Reduce the risk of damaging your items when you give them each a safe space to be stored. Drawers for accessories give you instant access to all of your fashion items while freeing up much-needed space in your closets.

9. Sliding Baskets and Bins

Custom Closet Sliding Basket Accessory

Whatever you choose to use them for, sliding baskets and bins are the ideal way to clear bulk from your closet floors. They seamlessly slide out of their cubbies for easy access and look great too. They also assist in further organizing your closets. Affordable Custom Closets & Garages explains further how to organizing your custom closets  in just four easy steps.


These nine accessories for your custom closets can greatly optimize it for organization and functionality. You’ll always know exactly where everything is and keep your apparel, shoes, and accessories out of harm’s way.


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