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How to Maximize Wall Storage in Your Garage

A well-organized custom garage can serve many purposes at once - as a relaxing man cave, a safe place to store valuable tools and garden implements, or as a clean and convenient storage space for your family’s toys, outdoor equipment, and holiday decorations. 

If you’re feeling especially challenged by a messy and cluttered garage, then now is the perfect time to maximize your square footage and reduce stress with these incredibly clever wall storage and organization ideas.

  • Treat yourself to custom cabinetry
  • Install helpful overhead racks
  • Go with the flow with adaptable wall panels
  • Get stuff done with a foldable workbench
  • Feel the attraction with magnetic storage

Whether your garage is quite spacious or on the cozier side, you can get the most out of every inch with a little elbow grease and these innovative organizational concepts. Read on for more details on how to transform this area of your abode from awful to awesome. 

The Floor is No Place to Store

A garage floor that’s cluttered with boxes, toys, and garden tools is both annoying and a safety hazard, especially if you have children who like to play in that area. Other dangerous items, such as paint, bug spray, propane, and harmful chemicals, are also frequently stored out there.

Keep your family safe and retain peace of mind by investing in wall-mounted cabinetry. These attractive storage units are available in a nearly endless variety of sizes and shades and can easily be secured to deter kids and thieves.  

You can create the setup that works the best for your specific needs, and you’ll appreciate having everything you need right at your fingertips. Plus, cabinets will free up loads of floor space so you can add a gaming table, a place to watch the big game, and be able to safely park your car.

Garage Cabinet System

It’s All Over Your Head

Homeowners often overlook the potential of overhead storage. It can be a bit awkward to reach those items, but that space is perfect for winter gear, holiday decorations, and more. Ceiling racks are durable and affordable and can be configured in many different ways.

Ceiling-mounted bike storage is also great for freeing up floor space. Keep ladders from becoming a trip hazard, store kayaks, and camping equipment up high until you need them.

The experts at Better Homes and Gardens suggest that you can free up additional space by keeping bulkier items in clear plastic storage bins with airtight lids. Be sure to label these clearly so you can find what you need when you need it. 

To get the most out of your new overhead storage racks, be sure to keep a study step-stool handy and use caution or get assistance when bringing down heavier items.

Let Your Wall Flower

Another overlooked area is the wall space itself. From the ceiling to the baseboard, you can multiply your available storage space with the simple addition of a couple of Slatwall racks.

These inventive and stylish vertical storage solutions can be configured in a multitude of ways so you can maximize your wall space and keep your garage looking tidy. With the addition of hooks, shelves, and storage bins, this is a superb solution for conquering garage clutter. 

The back of the garage door is an ideal place to store small but long items, like fishing poles. If you’re an enthusiastic angler, you can utilize this vertical space for storing your expensive rods where you can still admire their functional, fish-catching beauty. 

Get the most out of your Slatwall system by storing heavier items toward the floor. Use the upper reaches to store smaller tools, garden supplies, and whatever you need close at hand. 

Garage Slatwall System

Create a Craft Oasis

Love to do woodworking, carpentry, or fine arts? Restoring a vintage auto from the ground up? Consider a comfortable workspace that can be put away when it's time to use your garage to watch the big game or host a card party.

The best way to accomplish this is to install a fold-away workbench mounted to your garage wall. Adding a custom folding workstation will give you plenty of room to do your thing, then have extra space available when you need it. 

These convertible hobby tables can be customized to your specific storage challenges and are created from durable, long-lasting materials to match your particular style. 

Magnetize and Maximize

Magnetic strips and panels come in an array of sizes, and you can use them to store a plethora of small items. Chefs love them in the kitchen for safe yet convenient knife storage, and they can also revolutionize the way you store your valuable tools. 

The popular home improvement blog One Crazy House has tons of ideas on how to take advantage of the laws of physics to boost your storage potential. Stick-on magnets are inexpensive and can be attached to small plastic bins or repurposed glass jars to hold items that try to get away, like nuts, bolts, drill bits, glue sticks, and more. 

You can also recycle clean soup cans to make the perfect holder for pencils, brushes, and other paint supplies. Wire mesh bins are another way to use magnetic storage and are strong enough to hold just about anything. 


Organizing your garage might be a chore you’d love to avoid, but it’s actually easy once you make a plan of attack. Just use these handy tips to clear out clutter and maximize your wall storage so you can enjoy more free time in your stylish and neatly organized garage. 


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