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Custom Closet Care Routine: Habits for Lasting Organization

Custom Closet Care Routine: Habits for Lasting Organization

Having a custom closet installed is a great way to keep your closet (and your home) organized. Once it’s put in, though, if you don’t have a routine for keeping it in good shape, you might notice your closet falling into disarray. Your daily habits might need to be tweaked in order to keep the clutter at bay and keep the closet looking as lovely as it did on the day it was installed.

Here are some habits you can add to your daily routines to keep your closet in order:

  • Do a two-minute tidy-up each morning
  • Carry dirty laundry and hangers out with you
  • Hang clothing in a pre-arranged order
  • Set the next day’s outfit aside the night before
  • Keep a small trash can in the closet

If you’re ready to learn how to keep your custom closet nice and neat with your daily habits, read on for more!

Do a Two-Minute Tidy-Up Each Morning

While you’re getting dressed, it’s easy to cause a bit of disorganization by switching out one pair of shoes for another, looking through your jewelry for a necklace and pushing the rest to the side, and so on. At that moment, it would take only a minute or two to fix the issue. Put the discarded pair of shoes back into the organizers neatly, and neaten up the necklaces.

All too often, however, it’s easier to walk away and plan to deal with it later. Only, by the time “later” comes, you might have several pairs of shoes littering the floors, and some of the necklaces may have gotten tangled after a few days of pushing them back and forth. Cleaning up then takes a lot longer than it would have taken to address these minor issues each morning.

Carry Dirty Laundry and Hangers Out With You

As you leave your closet each morning, take any dirty laundry with you... and don’t forget the hangers. Why do you need to take hangers, you might ask.

After your clothing has been washed and dried, you can hang it up immediately. Take it out of the dryer, hang everything on hangers, and carry them back with you to the closet. Now, the clothing is hung without you having to let it sit in baskets for a few days until you have time to tackle several loads’ worth.

There’s even a bonus – you’ll do less ironing overall. Some items will still need to be ironed, of course, but many will look fine having been hung while they were still warm from the dryer. They’ll look neater in the closet, and they’ll look neater on your body when you wear them.

Hang Clothing in a Pre-Arranged Order

Take some time to decide where everything in your closet should hang. You might want tops hanging on the top rod and bottoms on the bottom rod, or vice versa. You might enjoy hanging items in rainbow order or from light to dark. You may want long-sleeved shirts to hang separately from short-sleeved shirts.

Now, when you go back into your closet with your hangers filled with freshly dried clothing, you know where to hang it. Don’t be tempted to just hang it on the nearest rod with the intention of moving it later or the next day. Put it in the correct place immediately. This will cut down on disorganization, and you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Set the Next Day’s Outfit Aside the Night Before

At night, take a few minutes to decide what you want to wear the next day. Chacha Olivia lays out 10 reasons to plan your outfit the night before, and they’re all good ones, but we’re going to focus on why this keeps your closet tidy.

Remember the aforementioned task of doing a two-minute closet tidy to take care of any ensemble components that were put out of place by rummaging for a different pair of shoes or a different necklace? That type of disarray can be minimized when you lay out your outfit, including accessories, the night before.

You’ll already know what you’re wearing, so you won’t notice a stain on a blouse or a scuff on a pair of shoes at the last minute before leaving for work. Take a close look at what you intend to wear, and address any issues like that (or just pick something else). You’ll be more relaxed than you are at 7:00 am the next morning, and you won’t be as flustered if something isn’t perfect.

Keep a Small Trash Can in the Closet

Finally, get yourself a small trash can to keep in the closet. Each day, use it to pitch receipts you’ve left in your pockets, tissues you stuffed in your purse, or tags you cut off of new clothing. These small paper items won’t end up on the floor or stacked on a shelf, leading to less cleanup later. When you notice the can is getting full or on trash day, it’s time to empty that bin.

One caveat – don’t put any food garbage in this trash can. If you stashed a sandwich wrapper in your purse while you were out, that needs to go in the kitchen garbage can or in the outside bin. The last thing you want is to have insects being drawn into your neat-and-tidy custom closet system.


Keeping your custom closet tidy is often just a matter of implementing daily routines to minimize cleanup later. By taking care of these items each day, you’ll have a closet system that’s always ready for you to find what you need and to put a smile on your face.


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