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Creating Clothing Storage Without a Custom Closet System

Creating Clothing Storage Without a Custom Closet System

Some homes just don’t have the closet space that you might want. Sometimes, especially in older homes, bedrooms and bonus rooms don’t have closets at all. Does that mean the owner is just out of luck? There are strategies that people can use to help create clothing storage spaces even in rooms where a custom closet system just isn’t a possibility.

  • Get Out-of-Season Clothes Out of Your Way
  • Try a Wardrobe Rack for Hanging Clothes
  • Consider a Bookshelf for Folded Clothes or Shoes
  • Don’t Dismiss Your Under-Bed Space

Take a look at some of the ways that you can work on creating clothing storage space even without a closet.

Get Out-of-Season Clothes Out of Your Way

The reality is that if you don’t have a closet, space in the room you’re working with is at a premium, so it’s vital to avoid having more things to store in there than you must. If you’re not in the habit of storing out-of-season clothes out of the way until you need them again, it’s time to start.

You can use storage bins or boxes to store clothes; just be sure they’re clean and dry to keep mold and pests away. The Spruce points out that even clean cardboard boxes in good shape could attract pests and allow them in, so it may be better to avoid those and opt for plastic instead – or even empty suitcases. Store the clothes in a clean, dry space – garage conditions can be too humid, but a spare room, attic, or even basement will work as long as the area is relatively dust-free and free of moisture.

Try a Wardrobe Rack for Hanging Clothes

One of the reasons people need closet space is for the storage of hanging clothes. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a closet with an installed hanging rod to hang your clothes – you just need space for the hangers. A wardrobe rack is slim and can fit in several different places, and these are usually affordable and easy to find.

When you hang items on the rack, try to use the same style of hangers for everything, as this will save space. Look for hangers that are slim and prevent slipping but can still support the weight of heavier clothes. You may be able to double your hanging space by using soda can tables to attach a second hanger to a first hanger. This also saves time choosing clothes because you can pair outfits and hang tops and bottoms together this way.

Consider a Bookshelf for Folded Clothes or Shoes

A bookshelf, or several bookshelves, may be a more efficient way to store some of your clothes than a dresser would be. These come in a wide variety of lengths and widths, so you could choose one large case that covers a wall or several smaller ones that sit neatly in each corner of the room. You can also take advantage of vertical space by using stackable shelves to go higher.

These shelves can be a handy way to store your folded clothes. Shelves are also great for keeping shoes off the floor and organized. You may be able to attach shoe fences to shelves that you’re using for shoes to prevent them from slipping or being knocked onto the floor. You can even use the shelves for baskets that hold accessories, jewelry trays, makeup cases, and other essentials. Bookshelves can be very versatile and functional pieces of furniture in rooms without closets.

Don’t Dismiss Your Under-Bed Space

If you’re able to reach underneath your bed, don’t dismiss the potential usefulness of this space. If you’re short on storage space for out-of-season clothes, the space under the bed is great for storing folded clothes you don’t need right now. It can also be useful for shoes, purses, and other items.

You can use under-the-bed storage containers like bins, sliding baskets, and rolling drawers to help keep your items safe. If you happen to be in the market for a new bed frame, you may want to look for frames that incorporate drawers and shelves into their design for even easier storage options.


Trying to organize a room that doesn’t have a closet can seem overwhelming at first, but there are actually many options that can give you the clothing storage space you need even in rooms where there is no closet or a very small closet. By separating your seasonal clothing, adding a wardrobe rack, using bookshelves, and taking advantage of your under-the-bed space, you can store a lot of things.


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