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Closet Jewelry Organizer Ideas

While organizing your home and, more specifically, your custom closets, it's important to take on small projects like getting your jewelry collection into shape. Whether you have valuable jewels or mostly costume jewelry, having your pieces in order contributes to the overall neatness of your closet as a whole.

There are many different ways to organize and store your jewelry. Some of these include:

  • Drawers
  • Knick-Knacks
  • Framed Art Pieces
  • Mirror Organizers
  • Dishes
  • Hangers
  • Alternative Storage

If you’re ready to regain control of your jewelry drawers, put down the polish and read on!


Just like your clothes, having your jewelry spread out on a tabletop or surface can make the space look cluttered. You don’t need that stress or frustration. Instead, dedicate a drawer or two to store your precious jewelry, keeping it out of sight but not out of mind.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should throw everything into a drawer and then shut it. You need some type of system to keep everything from getting tangled or lost. The pros at Optimal Garage & Closets Inc. recommend adding dividers to keep your earrings from getting separated.

Use long sections to layout necklaces and bracelets so they don’t become a tangled mess. An added bonus is that the dividers can be used to separate your clothing pieces as well. To learn more, check out 6 Steps for Organizing Your Custom Closets.


If you’re like many people, you probably have tchotchkes on your dresser or vanity. Not only are they lovely decorations that bring a smile to your face, but you can also use them to display your jewelry.

Use your figurines to hold necklaces and bracelets. This not only adds some decoration to your favorite pieces but also makes it easier to find your jewelry. If your figurines have holes or are soft enough, you can also store your earrings there too.

Framed Art Pieces

How about turning your jewelry into usable works of art? Start by hanging a felt or corkboard on the wall. Add your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Earrings can press right into the felt; you will need tacks or hooks for necklaces and bracelets. Make sure you keep the tacks far enough apart so that longer necklaces and bracelets don’t become tangled when you hang them.

Be creative with how you hang your pieces. Adding a decorative frame around your board will make it stand out and look unique.

Mirror Organizer

If you don't want your jewelry visible to anyone who enters your room, consider purchasing a mirror organizer that opens up. These wall organizers are a handy way to store jewelry while keeping it from prying eyes.

There are different designs that might match your personal style. Hang one above your vanity so that you can put on your makeup and fix your hair while still having your jewels in easy reach. You could also invest in a full-length mirror with a built-in organizer.


Keeping your favorite pieces close at hand makes them easy to put on every day. According to Martha Stewart, small dishes and plates are a great way to organize your jewelry into what you wear regularly and what you don’t.

You can put favorite necklaces or bracelets on the plates as well but do so carefully.

So what can you place in these dishes? Just about anything you can think of. If you have a ring or a watch that you wear daily, set them in the handy container at the end of the day.

Necklaces have a tendency to tangle, especially if you just toss them in. If possible, use a longer tray for these items so that you can lay them flat instead of curling them up to fit in the dish.


If you'd like to hang your jewelry but haven't yet seen an idea you love, think outside the box and get creative! Have an old spool rack? Hang it on the wall and, instead of spools of thread, use the pegs to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Or consider using a necklace tree that you can place on your vanity or dresser top. Here, you can keep your items separated, untangled, and off the wall. You can also hang a dowel on your wall or inside your closet door. Then, using s-hooks, you can hang and organize your favorite pieces.

Alternative Storage

Looking to get really inventive? Consider repurposing other containers to meet your needs. For example, a clean painting pallet may be an unconventional, yet practical solution. The small wells designed to hold paint could be the perfect place for earrings and rings.

Not into paint pallets? That’s okay. Decorative rocks or crystals can be a holding place for your rings and earrings without making your space look frumpy. Likewise, flat-topped crystals can update your dresser’s aesthetics without being too overwhelming.

You don’t have to have a tray or anything to brighten up your vanity or dresser surfaces while keeping your jewelry close. According to, the jewels themselves can add a layer to your décor. Don’t just toss them onto the surface. Instead, take the time to sort out your jewelry and arrange it in a way that looks pleasing to the eye.


Organizing your jewelry is a great way to keep it from getting damaged. You can organize it into a drawer or hang it from the wall. If you feel extra creative, go with a more non-traditional choice of storing them on a painting pallet, on a crystal, or on your favorite tchotchke. Overall, choose the best option for you and your precious jewels!


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