Small Custom Closet System Installation

4 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Small Closets

Everybody wants a home that has not only enough space for the people who want to live in the home, but also enough storage space for all the clothes and other things that they own and will accumulate along the way. But sometimes compromises must be made. If you find a house that’s your dream home in every other way, you might be willing to work around small closets, for example. But don’t worry. Small closets can be an obstacle, but there are ways to work with them and maximize the space that you have available. Take a look at some strategies that can help you maximize the space available in your small closets.

Make Sure That You’re Using All of Your Space

It’s easy to overlook some space that could be useful to you. For example, could you hang a shoe organizer over the back of the closet door? Or install shelves on empty wall space? Don’t just look at what’s there in your closet for storage, look at what isn’t there and find a way to make use of that empty space. Really look creatively and try to think out of the box. For example, could pull-down storage overhead be an option? Your custom closet designer can help you maximize every inch of space.

Weed Out the Clutter

When you have too much stuff and not enough space, the simplest solution is often to get rid of some of the stuff. When was the last time that you went through your clothes to get rid of things that don’t fit or that you just don’t wear anymore?

Sometimes, clothes accumulate and you don’t really realize that you’ve stopped wearing some of them over time – maybe because your style changed over time, or maybe because your clothing needs have changed. If you’ve moved up professionally over the years, for example, you may have purchased more formal business clothes to accommodate your new position, and have less need for the more casual clothes you wore earlier in your career. Alternatively, some people find that their workplaces have become more casual as the years have gone by, and they have less need for the more formal clothes that they wore regularly a few years previously. Either way, the result is the same – you have clothes that you no longer need. Maybe it’s time for a garage sale, or to donate some items to charity.

Clothes aren’t the only clutter that can build up in a closet. You might be surprised by how much space things like dry cleaning covers can take up. Getting rid of them can make your closet a lot easier to navigate. Big, bulky hangers also take up unnecessary space – some heavy items might need bigger hangers, but for most of your clothing, investing in slimmer hangers might cut down on overcrowding. Look through your linen closet, storage closets, and utility closets for items that you don’t use anymore or that need to be thrown away. You may be able to buy yourself a lot of space just by trimming down the number of things that you’re storing. 

Small Custom Closet System Installation

Improve the Lighting in Your Closets

A brightly lit space is always going to look more spacious than a dim, dark space, so installing new lighting in your closet could be a helpful way to make your closet seem bigger. But there’s more going on here than an optical illusion – new lighting can also make the space more accessible and allow you to see better in order to organize, so you may actually have more space – or at least be better able to use the space you have to its fullest extent – after installing new lighting. Does your closet have a dark corner where things tend to pile up? Cleaning that up and shining a light on it might reveal some floor space that could be used for a small cabinet or shoe rack. Maybe you never noticed how much space you had above the curtain rods – space where shelves, hooks, or baskets could be installed to provide more storage space. New lighting can allow you to notice these things. 

It’s not that difficult to install new lighting in a closet. You can buy LED lights that are designed to stick on the walls, so you can place them wherever you need them – wherever your current closet lighting doesn’t reach. This way, your closet space will look bigger and you’ll be better able to see how to enhance it further. 

Consider a Custom Closet Organization System

Maybe you’re out of ideas. Or maybe you just don’t have the time and energy to look for all the possible ways to optimize your closet space and implement those ideas. You can look into working with a custom closet organizer who will help you discover the closet design solutions that will allow you to get the most out of the space that you have available, and then install that custom closet solution, freeing you up to focus on the other matters that need your attention. 

A custom closet organization system is unique to you. Your Klutter Killerz custom closet designer takes your needs and preferences into account, along with the size, shape, and features of the closet space that you’re working with and the items that you need to store. We use all of that information to create a custom closet organization system that allows you to get the most out of your space and see and access all of your items easily. Custom closet organization is useful for any size closet, so even if your closets are shallow or contain features like crawl space access doors, one of our custom closet designers can work with it. You can customize all of your closets, or start with the ones that you use the most, like your master bedroom closet. To learn about store more in your own bedroom’s closet, check out this article by Closet Decor & More, titled How to Increase Storage Space in Your Master Bedroom Closet.

You may have more room in your closet than you think you do. Using strategies that maximize your closet space helps you get the most out of the space you have, no matter what the actual measurements of your closets are. Contact Klutter Killerz for a free in-home consultation.

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