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11 Design Ideas for a Zen Home Office

Is your home office getting the job done? Working from home has many perks, but it also comes with challenges. Distractions drain your energy, focus, and productivity. 

To be successful working from home, you want to avoid interruptions and chaos. Your home office needs to be comfortable and welcoming to spend your time and do your work efficiently.

Many people find creating a home office using Zen design principles helps create a calm and peaceful environment. Zen is a Buddhist philosophy that refers to meditation and mindfulness. Zen design encourages relaxation, minimalism, and peace.

The design ideas below will help you create your Zen space, no matter how big or small.

1. Designate a Dedicated Workspace

Designated Desk Area

Having an established space for your home office helps separate your work and home life. Even if you don’t have an extra room available for your workspace, you can use an area in your bedroom or living room or convert an unused closet, corner, or long hallway.

2. Make Room to Stretch

Desk With Standing Space

Carve out a small area in your home office or near your desk so you can occasionally stand up, stretch your legs and move around. According to the DIY blog, stretching helps improve your concentration by helping blood flow to your brain.

3. Ensure Adequate Lighting

Desk by Window

Good lighting is essential for your home office. The amount of light you get affects your mood and your productivity.  Ensure that your workspace has adequate lighting spread evenly throughout the room. Position your workspace under a window to maximize natural light. If natural light isn’t an option, use light bulbs with a soft light. Avoid fluorescent and other harsh lights.

4. Place Your Desk in Center of the Room

Desk in Center of Room

The instinct is to put your desk against the wall, but that can give you a claustrophobic, closed-in feeling. Instead, open up the room by placing your desk in the middle of your home office. 

5. Pick Calming Colors

Desk With Calming Colors

Avoid bright colors in your home office. Instead, choose softer colors to make you feel calm and peaceful. Real Simple designer Camille Styles recommends picking colors to inspire and motivate you, such as soft white and pale blue.  

6. Clear Off Your Desk

Cleared Desk

When your desk is a mess, it’s impossible to focus on your work. Clear your desk of clutter, whether it’s dirty coffee mugs, piles of paper, or extra office supplies. Only keep the items you need to perform your current tasks.

7. Organize and Declutter

Disk With Minimal Objects

Declutter your home office and only keep the things you need. To help with organization, add storage to hold your necessary items and papers. Consider adding a file cabinet, drawers, storage baskets, or a bookcase. Make sure anything you add is simple and fits with your simple decor. When you organize, ensure every item in your home office has a place and return the items to their assigned areas after use.

8. Add Plants to Your Space

Plant on a Desk

The color green is said to spark creativity, and plants are known to brighten your mood, improve health, and purify the air.  Incorporate a few live plants into your workspace.

9. Completely Clear Off Your Walls

Desk With Blank Walls

As noted by, eliminating as many distractions as possible in your space is key, and this includes removing any loud artwork. To avoid having bare walls, you can add a couple of minimalist pieces. Anything with too many colors or designs will be distracting. 

10. Include Some Personal Touches

Toys on a Desk

Add a few personal items to your home office for inspiration. It can be a plant, candle, artwork, or something with sentimental meaning.

11. Use Natural Materials

Wooden Desk

To create a Zen atmosphere, use wood with a natural finish for your office furniture and cotton, linen, or wool for upholstery.


Your home office is the place you do the work you enjoy. Use the tips in this article to help you create a place where you can feel relaxed, calm, and inspired.


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