Custom Closet System

How to Protect Your Closets From Pests

No one likes the idea of bugs and rodents crawling around in their closets. There is no stronger feeling of disgust than finding a mouse among the bedding or seeing a moth hole in your favorite blouse. If you see evidence that pests have invaded your custom closets, you need to eradicate them first. Once they are gone, you can move onto prevention. The following steps will…Read More

Home Office Decor

Home Office Decor Ideas

Working from home successfully takes dedication and creativity - and not everyone is suited for the WFH lifestyle. It requires discipline to be at your desk by 9 am sharp, even if it’s only steps away from your bed and you’re still in pajamas. Or perhaps you find yourself “working just a little longer,” and suddenly it’s after midnight. Establishing a healthy work-life balance will keep you sane and enable you to be more…Read More

Custom Closet System

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Closets

Just hearing the word mold probably makes you cringe, but discovering it in your custom closets is an even worse feeling. Dark, humid and poorly ventilated spaces are ideal environments for mold to thrive. For mold to form, spores must come into contact with damp surfaces. Fungus grows on almost any surface, including fabric, paper, wood, glass, and plastic. You can often find mold on clothing,…Read More