Jewelry Drawer

Closet Jewelry Organizer Ideas

While organizing your home and, more specifically, your custom closets, it's important to take on small projects like getting your jewelry collection into shape. Whether you have valuable jewels or mostly costume jewelry, having your pieces in order contributes to the overall neatness of your closet as a whole. There are many different ways to organize and store your jewelry. Some of…Read More

Custom Closet System

How to Properly Arrange the Clothes in Your Closet

Why is it that closets and clutter seem to go hand in hand? Even a carefully crafted custom closet can take a turn for the worse if you’re not careful. The key to curbing chaos is to keep your closets organized. You can start with a Marie Kondo-style purging session, but it is best to follow up with some strategized storage solutions in order to keep your closets organized for weeks, months, and even…Read More

Slatwall Garage Organizers

How to Maximize Wall Storage in Your Garage

A well-organized custom garage can serve many purposes at once - as a relaxing man cave, a safe place to store valuable tools and garden implements, or as a clean and convenient storage space for your family’s toys, outdoor equipment, and holiday decorations.  If you’re feeling especially challenged by a messy and cluttered garage, then now is the perfect time to maximize your…Read More