Custom Garage Tips

4 Tips for Getting Your Garage Organized for the Summer

With the recent record-breaking high temperatures in Tennessee, there’s no disputing the fact that summer is just about here in the South. Many people take on a summer project, taking advantage of the long days and the fact that the kids are out of school. This summer, why…Read More

Custom Garage with Cabinets and Slatwall Organizers

The Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Garage With Garage Cabinets

If your garage is cluttered and chaotic, you might dream of a well-organized garage that has plenty of room for all of your stored belongings as well as room to park your car. You are not alone; Klutter Killerz works with Tennessee homeowners who are struggling with garage disorganization. One of our most popular products is garage cabinets. Our high-quality…Read More

Epoxy vs Modular Garage Flooring

Modular Vs. Epoxy: Which Type of Garage Flooring is Easier to Maintain?

Choosing the right type of garage flooring is a huge investment of money and time and as such, it should not be done in a hurry. There are a lot of options available when it comes to garage floors and while making a choice may come naturally for some, it may be a daunting task for others. The two main types of garage…Read More

Slatwall Garage Organizer System

Six Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage With a Slatwall Storage System

Are you tired of your garage looking like a haphazard storage unit? It’s tough finding room for all of your garage clutter without a plan in place. Get creative and maximize your new Slatwall storage system so it does most of the legwork for you. Manage your garage storage with a Slatwall system by following these six…Read More

Slatwall Garage Organizers

How to Maximize Wall Storage in Your Garage

A well-organized custom garage can serve many purposes at once - as a relaxing man cave, a safe place to store valuable tools and garden implements, or as a clean and convenient storage space for your family’s toys, outdoor equipment, and holiday decorations.  If you’re feeling especially challenged by a messy and cluttered garage, then now is the perfect time to maximize your…Read More

8 Tips for Organizing Tools in Your Garage

8 Tips for Organizing Tools in Your Garage

Isn’t it frustrating when you go to look for a specific tool in your garage and you just can’t find it? That is one reason why it only makes sense to have your tools in proper order, just like the rest of your house! Follow the tips below and your space will be looking like an organized custom garage in no time. Begin With The Right Wall Mounting…Read More